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Investment Group 1

Allen County Ohio and nearby counties. Manufacturing with annual sales potential exceeding $2 million preferred.Start-ups considered but previously established preferred.

Send contact information and a brief summary of need to This will be provided to Investment Group 1.


Private Lenders/Investors

There are experienced investors and knowledgeable business people who have a strong interest in investing in small businesses. Such investment can be in the form of loans or equity. Their interest in investing may be based on a sincere desire to help worthy individuals achieve success, to help their community grow, and/or a desire to increase their income. It can be difficult for them to find businesses worthy of an investment because they do not want to advertise that they have money to invest. To advertise could cause them to be overwhelmed with requests from opportunities that do not meet their investment criteria. This section is intended to provide a confidential way for businesses with capital needs to find private investors.

For Investors -Please contact Stemen Corporation to request that your information be posted here. You must provide a verifiable contact person, telephone number, and address for information to be posted. This information will be removed after six months unless Stemen Corporation is notified of your desire to have it continue. You are free to have those seeking capital contact you or a third party. You can also have them send a request to Stemen Corporation and their request will be confidentially forwarded to you for you to contact. Stemen Corporation reserves the right to refuse or remove postings that are misleading and/or from those that may not have the wherewithal to provide funding and/or motives other than providing investment capital. The identify of investors will be confidential and not be shared with others not employed by Stemen Corporation.

For Businesses Seeking Capital - You must supply enough information to potential investors to help them to understand the opportunity and if it merits further investigation. However, be careful about revealing your identity until you understand who the potential investor is and their true intentions. You may want to have the potential investor sign a non-disclosure agreement before revealing confidential information, and/or use a third party (e.g. attorney, accountant, consultant, etc.) for initial contacts before revealing your identity.

Stemen Corporation makes no expressed or implied assurances about the integrity, motives, or capabilities of investors posted here.

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