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Hancock County Revolving Loan Fund

Financial Resources For Northwest & West Central Ohio Entrepreneurs


Purpose of Program

To promote economic development through retention of Hancock County ’s current economic base and our irreplaceable local businesses, assisting with the redevelopment of blighted and vacant areas to use for future commercial or industrial centers, stabilizing and expanding the county’s core economy by focusing on small business development, and attracting and relocating existing businesses to the county which would provide a diverse business mix 

Eligible Businesses

Must be a new or existing private for-profit entity and reside in Hancock County.

Eligible Use of Funds


Loan Amounts

Limited by amount available in the Hancock County revolving fund.

Repayment Term

Terms are flexible and based on the useful life of assets purchased and borrower cash flows. Up to 15 years.

Interest Rates

Below prime fixed rate.



Collateral, Security


Participation Requirements

Additional Considerations


Program Funding Source

How to Apply

Contact William Homka at

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